Why You Shouldn’t Let ThottyBoop Talk About Her Live Sex Show

“Thottyboop” is one of the more well known brands of adult chat rooms on the Internet. Most people only come across “Thotty” when they go to a chat room where there are sexy people talking about their love life. My friends and I used to frequent this chat room regularly back in high school. Some of us were quite tall and some of us were short, but we all seemed to get along pretty well.

My friends and I would meet up every so often for a cup of coffee or to go see a movie at the theater. One day, I decided to introduce myself to this girl that I had met online. She was a member of the “Big Boobs” chat room, and was also a big fan of “Thottyboop”. She asked if I wanted to take her to a movie that night. Of course I said yes. I even sent her a picture of myself wearing thottyboop.

That night, she and I had a great time chatting with each other over the webcam. As I mentioned before, some of us were pretty tall and some of us were short. One of our mutual friends, who was actually shorter than me, actually got on the live cam model ready to begin flashing for her crush. Needless to say, he was soon thoroughly embarrassed.

So then I thought I might share with you some tips for if you are ever in a similar situation as I was. First off, it is important that you should never, ever give out your real information online. If I can’t contact you, and you don’t want to talk to me, I’m not going to tell anyone else online. There is a reason why Facebook and MySpace work as they do, and if you are really serious about becoming a successful internet marketer you need to apply this same principle when chatting over the webcam.

Secondly, I would suggest staying away from asking someone if they have a webcam if you want to see them perform oral sex on you. I’ve seen many cases where people get onto someone they think is a cam model/ performer only to find out that the person wasn’t actually a professional. I’m sure you have probably experienced this yourself. Be smart, be safe, and stay away from people who may try to use you for their own personal gain.

The last but certainly not least, if you don’t have a live sex cam installed at your home, you can simply use your cell phone to film your own live show. I recommend the one called Camorama because it’s easy to use and it looks really good. All you do is download the Camorama app (which is free) and set up your camera feed through the feed. You then take your iPhone or Android phone and connect it to your computer using either a USB cable or a Bluetooth connection. You can then simply record whatever comes up on your cam and send it off to your loved one via text, email, or video chat.