The Dani Kelly – A Book Review

The Adventures of the_Dani Mccann is a reality TV show that has been a hit in the United States. It chronicles the exploits of an attractive 25-year-old mother-to-be who travels the country, attempting to meet men and women, while trying to pursue her own personal destiny. What she doesn’t know is that her past, present and future are all part of a much bigger mystery that is unraveling before her. In an odd twist of fate, the show chronicles the rise of the woman, Dani, from being a poor single mother who barely raises a child, to an intelligent, ambitious young woman who quickly learns the value of success in life. But as the show progresses, we begin to realize that Dani is not the beautiful, self-absorbed character she seems. She is a living, breathing person, who is very sensitive to the things that really matter in life.

We are introduced to Dani’s family when she is still 18 years old. Her biological mother is terminally ill, forcing her to live with her boyfriend’s father, Joseph. She returns to Ohio to visit her biological father who now goes by John. This emotional reunion is interrupted by John’s younger brother, Jacob who happens to be street smart and talented.

Once again, the dangerous times are here. John’s biological father is now involved in a violent affair with another woman. As he threatens to reveal his family secret to his daughter, John’s mother goes to great lengths to protect him from finding out. The problem is that neither of them knows the truth about the man their son is in love with. It is here, in the midst of all this turmoil that Dani realizes she must learn to control her wild side, or risk losing everything that she has built in her life.

A new angle is also taken on the relationship between the dynamic young mother and her daughter. In this novel the sexual tension is explored in a totally different light. Instead of the usual damsel in distress scenario, the book focuses on the father’s desire to reconnect with his daughter. Although there is still tension between them, it is tempered by the fact that The Dani Kelly’s attraction to her new boyfriend is based strictly on the fact that he is much more attractive than her own biological father.

In addition to taking the reader into the head of a woman’s life, The Dani Kelly is a novel that takes a bit of a feminist spin on the relationship between a mother and her daughter. It makes the mother feel more empowered, but in a way that still manages to bring her down. However, the strength of the character’s love for her daughter gives the novel even more of an emotional charge than what is normally expected. This book will make some women very happy and give others a great deal of encouragement. Whether you are a mom, a wife, or a sister, you will enjoy learning about the positive changes that The Dani Kelly is a positive and empowering read.

One thing that many readers will find refreshingly interesting is that the story ends happily. Unlike other Moms in the past, the author does not plan to move on after having a child with The Dani Kelly. She is a strong and committed woman, who has a lot of faith in herself and her ability to be a good mother. Her ability to be a good friend and a good sister is what will keep readers coming back for more.