Prof. Gaia Nude – Book Review

“Professor Gaia Nude” is a very seductive and erotic story about a professor who had to seduce 3 women and use her position to seduce them. The story line is very steamy and it starts off with Professor Olympia sleeping on his bed and then proceeds to jump out of the window. We then jump to the bedroom and in the next paragraph, we learn that he had taken the girls to a nude beach. Now you may think this story line sounds like a porno movie, but it isn’t. This is a story that was written as a novel and it is totally innocent and erotic. Everyone should read the book and then get down to writing dirty talk on the bedroom.

If you are thinking of buying this book, don’t worry you won’t need to know anything about chemistry or biology to write the characters of “Prof. Gaia Nude”. All the characters that appear in “Prof. Gaia Nude” were brought to life by the author using his creative license. He based them on real life people that he met whilst doing research in the nude beach.

So what makes the Prof. Gaia nude so much fun to read? Well, the main character, Professor Gaia nude is based on a real life figure, the real-life girlfriend of the author. She also has the same body type as the real-life model and that is what really draws the reader in. We all love to see the body types of our favorite celebrities and when we find one that is exactly right, we can imagine how they must feel to be on display in a piece of art.

As the story develops and you read along, you begin to realize that the characters in the book are not as extreme as you might think. In fact, many of them are normal everyday people. There is nothing offensive or immoral in the story at all and in fact, Prof. Gaia Nude is very open about his sexuality in the story.

There is no mention at all of genitalia in this story and you can rest assured that there is nothing pornographic in the way he presents himself to the world. The characters are all very funny and have great chemistry together. The nudity in the book is used to bring the characters to life and to make them more believable. The characters are so real you can almost picture them next to you and feel as if they were in your presence. That sense of reality helps to make the story much more powerful and believable.

The nudity in “Prof. Gaia Nude” is well balanced between profundity and delicacy. It brings out the humor without making the story too saucy. Overall, it is a very entertaining read that will not turn off anyone but might give those who are more open minded a great deal of pleasure.