The Game by Nicole_Lance – Book Review

A good read with some very good advice on how to talk dirty to your man can be found in “How to Talk Dirty to Your Boyfriend” by Nicole Lake. The book contains an excellent foreword by Dr. Harry Palmer, and a very useful index. I particularly liked the part on how you can use compliments with talk like: “you smell nice” or “your Cologne is really sexy”. Also there is a short bio on the author at the end of the book.

I think the thing I enjoyed most about this book was that it gave so many practical suggestions, instead of just offering “how to talk dirty to your boy”. In addition, I really enjoyed the practical tips on how to make love more often (I know, I’m a “couple” right now). It has practical advice on what time to have sex, what position to have sex in, what kind of clothes to wear etc. Also there is an excellent index which really helped me find things I needed (or wanted) while learning how to talk dirty to my boyfriend.

This book contains some very practical (and I mean really!) ideas on what kind of toys to buy or make yourself. There are even a couple recipes included. I especially enjoyed the section on “sexy toys”, I always thought that toys were only for girls but this book proves otherwise!

One thing I thought the book lacked was a women’s perspective. However, the author tells you right up front that she’s a guy, so you can’t help but see how guys view things. She does say that you should treat sex as a relationship, but not everyone is on the same page as she is. So, I would recommend this book to people who are both male AND female.

As a bonus, The Game gives you a sneak peak at the Nicole_lace_book, which will be out soon. I’m still waiting for the live sex course, but it looks like it will be out before too terribly long. The book is definitely worth checking out. If nothing else, you’ll learn a few new skills that you can use at home. And hey, it’s something you won’t need when you go wild with your boyfriend at home!

The author’s website is listed below. It’s filled with a lot of information, but in no way does it attempt to teach you how to get anyone sexually engaged with you. Rather, it is a very good primer on what to do and say to get people to do things to you. Highly recommended!