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The Skinny on Young Stars (Movie Review)

For those of you who didn’t know, Aaron Winters is a performer and entrepreneur who offer live web cam show entitled “You Suck!” On the show he plays the role of a bumbling old man, attempting to lead a group of young women through various situations using adult entertainment as the impetus. As someone who has been playing such roles for years, I was pleasantly surprised by the writing and direction of Miss Troy Tilley, the lead character. While she lacked the sex appeal of other performers on “You Suck!”

The character she played, Jaylee, reminded me a bit of Cher. In a way. In fact, when I saw her on “You Suck!” I did not know if I would like her at all. I’ll get into that later in this review.

Jaylee was a high school student who appeared to be more interested in internet marketing than the more “serious” acting roles she claimed to be interested in. But when her best friend (played by the beautiful Rachael Leigh Cook) went off to college with her, she felt left out. With the help of her new online alter ego, Jaylee gets to do what she does best while living out her fantasy of being a porn star. A fantasy which also happens to be very real for the girl we call Miss Troy Tilley!

The story kicks off with Jaylee’s best friend coming to visit from California. While they are there, Troy gets to talk to her parent’s new boyfriend about her. Things get interesting when she learns that her favorite thing to do with her friend is “webcasting”. It turns out that Miss Troy is in fact a professional camper and model! This is where the true conflict starts to unfold. It just goes to show how much people love to be filmed!

After some initial awkwardness, Miss Troy allows herself to be filmed by the boyfriend. It is here that you realize just how “grown up” Jaylee can be. The camper even tells Jaylee about her first time on live cam, which is an incredible story that I would love to hear. This is a heartwarming moment, but as I said before, everything else in the film is so incredibly fake it all becomes incredibly obvious what is supposed to be a coming of age story. If I was going to make a list of the things that made “The Skinny on Young Stars” such a great film, I would add a “but fake” at the end of it!

The movie is long, slow and dull. It feels like it is trying to say thank you to the young stars who never made it to Hollywood. And for someone who considers themselves a fan of young stars, that criticism is somewhat justified. However, for someone like me, who has never seen a movie like “The Skinny on Young Stars”, this movie was not a big fan of the quality and substance which you see in that film. I would recommend it to anyone who likes a slow paced, romantic story, with believable characters.

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