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dannidavis cam

Dann Affair – Free Sex Chat Online Scandal

The Dannidavis Cam is one of many “free” dating websites. However, does it live up to the billing? And if so, how much? Well, let’s take a closer look at this popular website.

The Dann affidavit was published in 2021. It details her encounter with an online “cougar”. Dann was 19 at the time. I’m fairly certain that she didn’t have a lot of confidence in her abilities as a “cougar”, so I doubt that this would have led to anything but a casual acquaintanceship.

She had a crush on a guy and felt a need to tell this guy about it. Naturally, there were several issues with this plan. Not long after publishing her Dann affidavit on the internet, she received several threatening emails. Within 24 hours the threats stopped, but they came back big time. It seems as though she got more scared than excited when she gave her story to a local newspaper.

The Dann case has generated many media stories, mostly due to the fact that she chose to post her story on the internet where almost anyone with internet access could read it. Although she had no criminal record, many people viewed her as a dangerous sexual offender. She was charged with four counts of molestation and served one year in jail. Her story went viral within days, and many people spread her tale to their friends.

Despite her imprisonment, the Internet Celebrity attracted many new “admirers”. Before long, she was featured on several talk shows and was being discussed by many celebrities. Many times she was mentioned on the radio. Now I won’t go into the many ethical and moral questions that have been raised regarding this situation, except to say that I believe her innocence is undeniable, and that the negative attention drawn to her by the media was unwarranted.

For the time being let’s assume that Dann isn’t convicted of soliciting sex from a minor, then what? Well, in order to serve her time, a year in jail sounds good to me. Since she is also under house arrest, I doubt that she will be able to find work, so any assets she does have will be greatly reduced. I will admit that at the time of her arrest she was enjoying the attention, but since then I have seen her trying to distance herself from the public eye.

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