The Best Of Netflix Movies In The 2021 Year

Sheba: Sheba is a new Christian porn movie starring Amber Heard and Christian Grey. Sheba was created by director Sean S. Miller and features many of the same hot looking women that you see in S&M movies. The Sheba girls are all pretty, up-to-date college students who are all trying to get their college life started. The only problem is that they haven’t had sex yet and this is your chance to watch them make their debut on a real webcam! You will be amazed at how these two gorgeous girls can turn on any man.

Ashlee Maree: This is another one of my favorite new Christian films. Ashlee Maree is a webcam beauty who has been hired by Sean S. Miller to film a live sex cam show at an upcoming event. Her character seduces the guy and they end up having some great time together. There isn’t much content in this movie because it’s mainly just a bunch of girls enjoying themselves, but it’s worth watching just for the special moments with Ashlee.

Ivy League: Ivy is one of those characters from S&M that everyone wants to see more of. In this film, Ivy comes out of the closet and starts getting some real good advice. Some of it may be a little too mature for your younger audiences, but it’s definitely worth a watch. This is also directed by Sean Miller and features two great ladies who will turn any man’s head: Mallory and Ashlee Maree.

Two Truths and a Lie: Two Truths and a Lie is a great movie from last year that I had a tough time with. The plot makes no sense, the acting is very poor, and the storyline is predictable. If you have ever seen the movie “The Hangover”, you know exactly what to expect from this film. It’s a terrible movie, but at least it had excellent female leads. Ashlee Maree and Mallory Potter star as two college students who hook up and get into some live sex cams to help them get past their sexual inhibitions. The movie isn’t great, but it’s definitely worth a look.

The Wolf of Wall Street: This movie stars Leonardo DiCaprio as con man turned CEO, Jordan Belfort. The movie is highly entertaining and is centered on how Jordan deals with the day-to-day things at the company. While not a great movie, it’s still worth seeing just for the fantastic acting performances. Especially Leonardo DiCaprio. One of the more popular movies from 2021, The Wolf Of Wall Street is definitely worth a look. This movie only cost about $50 million, so go watch it right now.

Now that we have the top three movies from 2021, it’s time for the honorable mention movies. I’m going to start the list off with the movie everyone was talking about, The Informant! starring Tobey Maguire and directed by James Mangold. This movie had some incredible action sequences and Christian Bale was spectacular in his role as an investigator. The Informant is my favorite film of the year and is available on DVD right now.